The artistry of photography

I’m slowly starting to understand where the artistry comes into photography.

I’ve long felt that the photos I take aren’t really art because all I’m doing is pointing a camera at something that’s happening and pressing a button to capture it. Last Friday night I was taking photos of my good friends The On Fires at the Cherry Bar in Melbourne and the lighting was terrible. Far too dark and red to take the kind of colourful action shots I usually enjoy. My expectations were very low regarding the quality of the outcome.

The following day I went through my shots choosing the ones that were nearly half decent. Cropping them. Fiddling with the colour balance. Trying to decide whether this shot was better than the next shot half a second later with a slightly different expression on Max’s face.

And that’s when it hit me. I was making artistic choices! I wasn’t just capturing what was there, I was choosing, manipulating and, most importantly, putting something of myself into each shot. Give the same original photos to a different person and they would choose a different selection and make different choices regarding cropping and colouring. That’s what art is about – making choices to reflect your inner vision.

I’m an artist!

And here are the photos: The On Fires At The Cherry Bar 2011


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