The Power of Declaration

I’ve been thinking about the power of declaration.

I became a runner after declaring I was a runner. And somehow I became one, lost over 10kgs and gained a hell of a lot of fitness.
I got a new job after declaring that I was looking for something over this side of town.
I even ended up receiving a free skydive after declaring it was something I was going to do!

Many people have witnessed putting a wish or a dream or a request out into the world and having it answered. They may call it God, or an angel or the spirit of the world.

I believe we declare the world into the shape we wish it to be. Or maybe we declare ourselves into being people who take the opportunities that we otherwise may have missed. It amounts to the same thing.

People have discovered the power of declaration time and time again and expressed it in many different ways. From “be the change you want to see in the world” to “The Secret” to the magics of Aleister Crowley to voodoo to ancient shamanic traditions to the origins of Christianity to prehistoric cave paintings showing a successful hunt. Take away the trappings and the showmanship and it’s all the same thing. Declaration.
There has to be a reason most religions have some form of origin myth which shows the universe itself coming into being through a simple declaration such as “Let there be light.”

Here’s a declaration:
I’m a writer. I’m going to write an amazing life into being for myself. I’ve done it before.

I’m doing it again.

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