Roger Waters – The Wall

I’ve loved Pink Floyd’s classic double album and the Bob Geldoff starring movie for longer than I care to remember. Such beautiful music and emotive story telling.

When I heard that Roger Waters himself was coming to town to perform the whole show I knew I just had to spend a silly amount of money to go and see it. And wow – what a show!


The show has been updated since it was first performed back in the 70’s but the music hasn’t changed – and why would it?

The Wall is still built across the stage during the first half of the show as a metaphor for the singer’s alienation from the world. But the projection system used today is vastly superior to what they had way back when and this show used it to it’s jaw-dropping fullest complemented beautifully by scary giant inflatable puppets and  a giant flying pig roaming around the arena.

And of course the master himself, Roger Waters singing and performing some of his most personal work.

It was incredibly moving at times and an honour and a privilege and an absolute delight to have seen this show.

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