A novel?

I haven’t posted anything here for a little while – very remiss of me! The good news is that I’ve started working on my Caribou novel. I don’t actually know how long it takes to write a novel. Maybe six months, maybe six years, maybe six lifetimes? But I guess the only way to find out is to do it.

In the meantime, here’s an experimental piece I wrote a little while ago.


Another visit from Caribou

Caribou has been visiting me so often than I’m now starting to put together ideas for a full Caribou novel. I’m very excited about this concept!

In the meantime, here’s another short Caribou piece.


More writings

I felt the need to write another scene from Caribou’s life. Hope you enjoy it!
Caribou Falling

And just to show that Caribou isn’t the only person I write about, here’s something I sent to a magazine which asked for short stories under the theme of Street. It didn’t get accepted, but I still like it.


I love Google

How funny – if you do a google search for “Heather Graham’s Forehead” my pome about this rather striking feature comes up in the first position!

I wonder how often people enter this particular search request? And what other searches are performed about specific parts of celebrities’ bodies? Other than boobs.




More Caribou

I really like this Caribou character for some reason. I don’t know anything about him other than that he thinks strange thoughts and has an odd name. I’m hoping he comes to visit me more often so I can learn about him and share his strange thoughts with everyone.
Here’s his latest visit: Caribou Hunting.


More writing and a pome

I’ve added one more pome (Just Another Moment) and a fun piece of writing which I did for a spoken word gig a few years ago (Dead Man Dancing).
The thing that amazed me at the spoken word gig was that when I started people were chatting to each other, making the usual background rumblings of noise. But by the time I finished the room was deadly silent.
It was wonderful.

Stuff for you to look at

I’m fiddling around with some gallery plugins and I’ve uploaded a few photos of myself along with a heap of shots I took of my good friends from Aussie rock band The On Fires.

Stuff for you to read

I’ve uploaded a number of my favourite pomes and writings for you to enjoy or be perplexed by.

Works in progress

Ok, here’s a nice colourful new template design and it’s time for me to start populating the site. This may take a while as I decide what I’m going to put up here and I’m sure I’ll decide to change the design a few times as I go.