Big Hairy

Tis midsummers day in winter,
When Big Hairy comes to play.
He sings his song disinter,
All the birdys flee away.
The merry mungo mango bead,
Did storm a simple tune,
When Hairy said “I dun o sleed !”
And sorted his balloon.

Big Hairy is a mighty voon,
With all and all you see,
He harries hurries double doom,
Without a flighty flee.
His gammy head and walrus boot,
Do chinkle in the vibe,
While if you curry many snoot,
They jump no lump no dribe.

One bright big morning through the scree,
Came a menace with menace alight,
It`s horns awhirling dervishly,
It’s vague a feary fright.
It trompled down the mungo show,
And stumped the firey goon,
With heaves afloating flew and flow,
And wiry wingled droon.

“Big Hairy !” skreeked the little greeb,
“Big Hairy be and help !
“We need you or the meanie meeb,
“Will squash us into pelp !”.
Big Hairy heard the greeble cry,
He set off for to set.
What big meanie caused the fry ?
And what he dud no bet.

“Aha !” aha’d the menace speak,
“Oho !” Big Hairy sang,
“I`ll grind your pulp to dust my beak !”
He leaped into the thrang.
And so the battle’s battle threw,
The habitants were done.
The anxious greeb it right bright blue,
Till all the gust was none.

A final final showed the sight,
Big Hairy had triumped.
He’d thrown the meanie all abite,
And left it dead and thumped.
A cheery gooble sang and sung,
The shew Big Hairy down,
Acclaimed to him the many thung,
And all were bright and gown.