Crap Teenage Angst Poems

She’s left me and my life has come to an end
My heart is so shattered, I know it won’t mend
Without her the light has fled out of my life
I’ll only know pain and loss, sorrow and strife

You need good advice, so you listen to me
I tell you I’ve been there before
Though you feel right now like you’re lost out at sea
You’ll find someone else on the shore

You can’t understand the deep hurt that I feel
This isn’t a joke you know, this is so real
You can’t know of feelings of love, loss and pain
You’re pushing on forty, your life’s down the drain

You don’t realise that once I was like you
A few years ago I admit
When I was a teenager, I was hurt too
I do understand, every bit.

Your heart has been broken, you’ve felt just like me?
I’m sorry, I find that just too hard to see
You can’t know what heartbreak is really about
You can’t feel the pain I feel, inside and out

I know my words can’t really help you with this
I know you feel wrapped in love’s chains
But sooner or later you’ll return to bliss
I’m living proof time heals all pains

You might think you know all the pain that I feel
But how can you say that, then say I will heal?
I’ll never feel better, I’ll never let go
This pain will stay with me, from now, ever so

I wish you could see I was once just like you
With feelings so raw so hostile
I’ve written those crap teenage angst poems too
And now they only make me smile.