Just Another Moment

I saw a girl today
She had a pretty face shining with a wonderful happy smile
But when I looked closer
I could see a haunting dark sadness deep within her eyes
It drew me to her
Close enough to maybe see why she was happy and sad
I think it was a moment

She was completely happy and alive in the moment
Wrapped in its embrace
It held her tight and kept her safe and smiling and free
But behind the smile
She knew the moment and the happiness would not last
The time would come, she knew
When the moment would let go, stand up and walk away
Say good bye and be gone
Leaving her alone and lost and scared of the world once more
Building her old walls back up
To keep out the pain and the hurt and the betrayal
And keep in her memories
Memories of a moment when she was allowed to shine

I found myself thinking
Wishing I knew a way to help her hold on to her moment
So she could shine forever
And the deep sadness dark within her eyes would haunt her no more
And she could dance and sing
And yet as much as I wanted to help and to show her how to be strong
I only turned and walked away
I didn’t say a word because I knew that how ever hard I tried
I could only ever be
Just another moment