Caribou Tapping

When Caribou strode through the revolving doors and stepped onto the hard marble floor of the office building entrance area he felt an almost uncontrollable urge to start tap dancing. It was only the fact that he had absolutely no skill or experience in this activity that stopped him from immediately doing so.

In reality he walked slowly towards the reception desk but in his mind Caribou was hoofing it up like a legend. He paused and looked around the wide open area. There was plenty of room and apart from the bored looking security guard at the desk there were only two other people who could potentially get in the way. They were both talking in low voices near the door and Caribou judged that they didn’t look to be the type to interfere or attempt to join in.

He started tentatively with his weight on his left foot and his right foot held just over the gleaming marble. Heel, toe, heel, toe. Four clicks rang out sharp and clear. He shifted his weight to his right foot and did the same four taps with his left. It felt good. In fact it felt very good.
Caribou shifted his weight back to his left leg and started to dance. Step, shuffle, leap, tap, step, shuffle, leap, tap. He had no idea where he knew this move from but it was there in his head as clear as the memory of last nights breakfast. He realised he was travelling sideways and turned so as to direct his movement in a wide circle around the room.
Seconds later, or maybe it was hours, or more likely minutes, Caribou came to a stop, panting heavily with a wide smile on his face. The sound of a single person applauding echoed around the area and Caribou looked around to see the security guard on his feet smiling and clapping. The other two people had disappeared, presumably hurrying away to somewhere with less grinning tapdancing lunatics.

Caribou gave a small bow toward the security guard then turned and left the building through the steadily revolving doors. He’d forgotten why he’d gone there in anyway.