Caribou Thinking

Caribou was trying to think deep thoughts. He didn’t know how far down a thought had to go before it could be truly considered deep. Beyond wading distance, for sure. And probably deeper than he could reach with his legs stretched down as far as he could stretch them. But how much further down would he have to think before his thoughts could truly be classed as deep? 

Usually Caribou’s thoughts splashed around in the shallow end of his mind.
I wish it was lunchtime, I’m hungry.
My ear itches.
Ooh, she looks cute, I bet she’d be amazing naked.
Oh no, did she catch me looking at her?
I hope she can’t read minds and know exactly what I was just thinking. The way she’s looking at me I think she can.
Why isn’t it lunchtime yet?

But today Caribou had decided he was going to think deep. Deep down in the deep dark where his thoughts rarely ventured. Maybe he’d see new species of ideas that glowed to themselves in the darkness, silently drifting, waiting for unsuspecting fragments of thought to swim by and be lured in to their waiting jaws.
Maybe he’d lose himself for a while. That appealed to Caribou. He’d never been able to get away from himself and the thought of losing himself, just for a while, seemed like it would be restful.

Was that a deep thought? Caribou thought hard about it and decided it probably wasn’t a deep thought because it came too easy. Deep thoughts would be far down and hard to extract, like gold or oil. Maybe he’d need to think up some sort of excavation system? He knew nothing about mining or drilling, how could he think about such things?

This worried Caribou. What if thinking deep was dangerous without the proper equipment and training? Where do you go for thinking training? Caribou had never attended university though he had gone to many parties held by friends of his who did. None of the people he met there seemed like they had any great thinking training, but maybe they only used it in class.

What if thinking deep was like running a marathon and you had to be thinking fit to manage it without hurting yourself? Maybe he should spend more time preparing before diving straight into the deep end?
Caribou thought about doing think-ups and thinking on the spot. He wondered if thinking required aerobic or anaerobic fitness? Did deep thinking require strength of mind to push through the thought currents or did it require quick thinking to get away from idle thoughts and jump over streams of consciousness?
Did he actually have to do thought exercises or was just thinking about doing them enough?

Caribou’s thoughts stretched out before him and he watched them for some time before deciding that the effort of trying to think deep was deep enough thinking for today. Anyway, it was finally lunchtime.