Getting To Know Myself

I’m not sure about the concept of having conversations with myself.
It seems like a slippery slope to madness.
And where would it lead?
Should I ask myself out on a date?
Take myself to a movie, buy myself a nice dinner.
Go back to my place for a bottle of wine, put on some romantic music and see if I get lucky?
And then the next morning there’s always that awkward moment where I don’t know myself well enough to know if I just want to snuggle or if I want a passionate embrace or maybe I’m just waiting for the right moment to get dressed and run away.
And then I’d be left wondering if I should call myself or would it make me seem too desperate if I call too soon or maybe I’d think I wasn’t interested if I wait too long.
And what if I really like myself but I’m not really interested in myself and was only looking for a one night thing.
Then I’d be pining over me and also annoyed at myself for being so needy.
I could end up writing myself long pathetic love letters which I’d tear up and throw away without reading.
I could even end up stalking myself and having to take out a court order to stop myself from coming within 100 metres of myself.
And that could be quite awkward.