Stress Therapy

I killed my therapist today. I hadn’t planned to but he accused me of allowing anger to control my actions so I had to prove him wrong. I didn’t get angry at all. I was very calm and cold as I put my hands round his throat and squeezed.
He surprised me by not struggling. He simply looked into my eyes as though he was still studying me. Searching for the answers to my life’s questions. I don’t think he really believed that I was killing him. The concept must have been beyond his grasp.
“Classic denial, Phil. Classic denial.” I whispered to him as the light in his eyes went away. I don’t think he heard.
I didn’t kill Phil in his office. I’m not stupid or insane. I waited till the session finished, thanked him politely and went outside to wait. I didn’t have to wait long, my session must have been his last for the day. I followed him down the alley next to his building to where he’d parked his car and did it there after he’d bleeped the alarm off. Nobody heard. Nobody saw.
His car was one of those shiny red sporty numbers. I didn’t look at the make or model. I picked the keys up from the gutter where he’d dropped them, opened the door and hefted him inside. He was a small man with tiny feet. They were almost like a woman’s; fine and delicate, snug within their shiny black Rockport Lalande shoes. I had noticed the shoes during my session, expensive but not flashy. I watched his feet for a while. Sometimes lifting one, then the other, admiring their shape. This game grew a little tiresome after a while and I couldn’t see any opportunities for more amusement from his body so I propped him up against the steering wheel and closed the car door.
A thought struck me as I walked away from the car and I turned back and pulled open the passenger door. I rummaged through Phil’s glove compartment and found a small notepad with a pen. I pulled a sheet of paper from the notepad and scrawled a quick message across it. “Do not disturb – driver dead.” I slammed the passenger door, stuck the note under a wiper and strode happily away.